It’s no secret: e-commerce is hard!

Every company has a unique set of challenges: product models, payment gateways, buyer personas, integrations with third-party services, ad naseum. Doing e-commerce correctly requires diving deeply into all of the aspects of a company’s market and tailoring solutions for their specific challenges.



Our partnership with Moore & Giles spans years. Since 2013, we have continuously worked to improve their online store and larger ecosystem. We meet with them weekly and develop solutions from marketing pages, to custom plugins and functionality. By design, our work is never done. We’re constantly iterating, improving, and releasing.


Target two distinct product markets while maintaining the outward appearance of a single website.

Sell separate, unique SKUs as a single customizable, bundled product.

Process orders for customers on the phone and through email.


We converted a single WordPress website into two WordPress multi-site subsites, and developed a custom, cohesive navigation system.

We developed a bundled product system that allows product variations to be mapped to specific component SKUs.

We created an admin only checkout system that allows agents to select an existing customer or create a new customer and make purchases on their behalf.

An e-commerce website is a sales engine first. Performance and usability have been two of our top priorities. We’ve overseen multi-factor growth over the past 5 years with no major outages or traffic induced performance problems.


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