Our Passion

We approach every new project with the question "How can we help make this project a success?" We aren't just coders and designers, we're problems solvers who love taking our customer's headaches and turning them into success stories.

“Service is core to who we are. We succeed by becoming our customer's cheerleaders and biggest fans.”

- Clif Griffin, CEO of Objectiv

CEO, Lead Developer

Clif Griffin

Web Developer

Eldon Yoder

Project Manager

John Geesey

Origin Story

  • Objectiv started as many agencies do with one developer and entrepreneur, our founder Clif Griffin. He used the creative name “Clif Griffin Development Inc” (still our legal entity!) and setup shop. After a year and a half of running the business solo, he realized he desperately needed a team! In 2014, Wes Cole came on board as employee number one and brought with him his wealth of talent and passion. But our story is still being written. We’d love for you to help us write the next chapter!